My simple coloring

My simple coloring

An exciting game for children that helps your kid to learn more about coloring pictures and coloring. In course of the game, the child learns the names of colors and shades, names of individual parts of a coloring picture. Through this creative game, your child will become a real artist and in an accessible form will learn many interesting things in the process of coloring. The application has simple games like coloring of pictures that will captivate your baby not only with bright colors and interesting characters, but also with funny sounds, as well as funny animation.

You can choose between different modes of coloring in the app:
• the mode of element-by-element filling of patterns (you touch an element of a picture and it gets completely filled by the selected color);
• the mode of element-by-element brush-coloring (you touch the screen and move your finger on an element of a picture and it gets colored in the selected color at the spots of contact – imitation of a brush, limited to the area of the selected element of the picture);
• creative mode (touching and moving over all elements of a picture leads to their coloring in the selected color at the spots where you touch – imitation of a brush, limited to the area of the whole picture).


In this game you will find:
• 7 thematic sets with 112 coloring pictures, for boys and girls;
• the app, specially designed for pre-school children (from 2 up to 5 y.o.);
• interesting characters, funny sounds and animation;
• several coloring modes;
• development of creativity and imagination;
• possibility to save a picture;
• development of attentiveness;
• development of logical thinking;
• development of fine motor skills;
• studying of basic colors and their shades;
• development of ability to sit still;
• development of smartness;
• parental control;
• no advertising.

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Some of the content is available in the free version of the app. You need to make an in-app purchase to get the full version.